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How To Become A Motorcycle Mechanic Learn More Landing a job as a motorcycle mechanic can lead to an exciting career that features competitive salaries and job security.

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Becoming an auto mechanic can pave the way towards a long-lasting career filled with job security and competitive pay. There is a lot that goes into becoming an auto mechanic as the job is more advanced than it has ever been before. Nowadays, auto mechanics focus on the mechanical and technical aspects of the job. That requires very detailed skills and knowledge that are always advancing. With so much going on in this profession, there is a need to stay up on all it has to offer. Auto Mechanic School Edu provides detailed information on every aspect of this profession. Those who are looking to begin an education as an auto mechanic can look to us for the latest information on auto mechanic education as well as a complete list of schools.

Auto mechanic education does not stop with choosing a school as there is a lot to know when entering into this line of work. There is also the certification process to consider, in addition to salary and career path options. Auto Mechanic School Edu brings together all the latest information on all these topics. New and aspiring auto mechanics can look to us as a resource that will guide you through the process of becoming an auto mechanic. Our detailed pages cover everything you need to know on your way to becoming a successful and accomplished auto mechanic.

Auto Mechanic Career Paths

Auto Mechanic

This career offers job stability and competitive pay while there are always new openings at a variety of work settings...
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Master Mechanic

Before a mechanic can start earning any certifications that lead to master status, there is a need to gain work experience...
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This certification leads to higher salaries, job stability and a wider selection of career possibilities...
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Motorcycle Mechanic

Motorcycle mechanics acquire a unique skillset that enables them to be part of a distinct group...
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Career Paths

Auto mechanics can choose from an array of career paths that can lead to a lifetime of competitive pay and job stability. Auto mechanics can begin their careers by performing regular maintenance. But with experience, there comes more opportunities. Auto mechanics have the option of becoming specialized in certain areas and can also go on to attain managerial and supervisory positions. Service managers, parts professionals and master technicians all started out as auto mechanics. Learning about all these career options can help shape the goals of a new auto mechanic. Working on cars is just one career path as some auto mechanics move on to service and repair heavier equipment, such as busses and large trucks. Auto Mechanic School Edu provides a wealth of information that will help auto mechanics decide on the career path that suits them best. There is a lot to know about the nuances of each career path and taking the time to research every possible avenue can allow future auto mechanics to make the best decisions for their futures. Auto Mechanic School Edu has extensive information on all the career paths in the auto repair industry.



There is a lot of earning potential for auto mechanics across the entire United States. A lot of that depends upon experience, certification and location. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics sets an average annual salary amount for auto mechanics, although there are so many variables that it is difficult to pinpoint an exact yearly salary with one specified amount. For example, entry-level mechanics earn lower pay rates than those who have worked for five years and have attained a few certifications. Also, an auto mechanic in a certain state may also be subject to a higher salary than those located on the opposite side of the country. Auto Mechanic School Edu provides a complete rundown of which states are the highest paying for all types of auto mechanic jobs. There is also a comprehensive look at what it takes to earn higher pay rates and how that can be accomplished. Many auto mechanic salaries differ and it is important to know the essentials of the average, minimum and highest pay rates. There is a bright future of possibilities available for auto mechanics and Auto Mechanic School Edu provides the most comprehensive online look at salaries in the automotive service industry.



The education of an auto mechanic is extremely important as it is the first step towards a long and successful career. Choosing which post-secondary auto mechanic education program to attend is an important decision. Auto Mechanic School Edu provides a wealth of information on all the latest educational options and requirements. There are a number of post-secondary schools that offer certificate programs for aspiring auto mechanics. These programs typically take one year to complete and award graduates a certificate of completion. There is also the option of earning an Associate’s Degree of Applied Science in Automotive Technology, which takes an additional year to complete. Each of these educational paths will prepare students for what they will need to know as an auto mechanic. Educational options have a lot of intricate details as there is a need to consider things like program length, tuition costs, class size and job placement options. A comprehensive look at all the education options is offered at Auto Mechanic School Edu. There is a lot that goes into an auto mechanic’s education. This is a time when they attain the skills and knowledge needed to be a success. Exploring all the information offered at Auto Mechanic School Edu will make for a more informed and insightful educational journey.



Rising through the ranks as an auto mechanic can be achieved by accumulating multiple certifications. However, there is an exact process to follow before that can be accomplished. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) issues a number of certifications that are highly respected in the industry. Work experience is required to attain these certifications and Auto Mechanic School Edu provides a detailed understanding of all the criteria necessary to become an ASE certified mechanic. There are also more job possibilities for auto mechanics who hold ASE certifications. When starting out an auto mechanic career, it is important to understand the value of certifications. These certifications will enable auto mechanics to elevate their standing in the profession and open up their chances of receiving higher pay rates. Certifications are earned by passing exams issued by the ASE and there is also a renewal process that keeps those certifications valid. It is important to know the specifics of certifications and how auto mechanics can use them to advance their careers. Auto Mechanic School Edu covers this topic in depth so that new mechanics will be able to map out a successful career path for their future.