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10 Best Auto Mechanic Apps

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Technology is constantly being integrated into new vehicles as it is changing the entire scope of automobile functionality. Technology has also allowed auto mechanics to keep pace with the changing times as there are an abundance of apps that can be a mechanic’s best friend. Here is a look at some of the top apps used by today’s auto mechanic.

Auto Codes

Every auto mechanic will have to deal his/her share of auto codes and this app brings them all together. Auto Code features more than 50,000 codes and even has some videos that provide more detail on the codes. There is an Auto Codes Pro version that costs $1.99. The free version comes with some advertisements. Auto mechanics will need to have their own On Board Diagnostic scanner to retrieve the actual codes from a vehicle.

Torque Pro

This app can perform a variety of functions but needs a Bluetooth OBD2 adapter to work. It provides a readout of codes, but can also check other areas, such as CO2 emissions as well as readouts of transmission temperatures. Torque Pro costs $4.95 for purchase and is cotiually being upgraded with new features.

Shop Boss

This app is for anyone who owns or manages an auto repair business. It brings together a collection of resources, which assists in ordering parts, conducting inspections, customer invoicing and much more. There are also features that make so may process much easier, with the addition of speech to text, VIN barcodes scanning and a complete labor guide.

Auto Parts Warehouse

The Auto Parts Warehouse app is a gathering of parts for sale that could come in very handy for mechanics. Ordering through the app comes with free shipping as long as the total order amount exceeds $50. There is also a feature that determines whether a part will fit your vehicle. Just type in the make and model and the app will reveal whether the part is a match or not.

Repair Buddy

This app provides an array of information that includes visual specs so that mechanics can gain a better view of their specific type of repair. It also comes complete with technical service bulletins, wiring diagrams and illustrations. One of the benefits of this app is that it is very visual and goes beyond just listing pertinent information or the specifics of OBD codes.

Engine Link

This is an On Board Diagnostic tool that links to an iPhone. One benefit is that it is wireless and operates on Bluetooth or WiFi. There will still need to be the addition of an adapter to run the actual diagnostic tests. This app is available for a fee of $5.99 and its other features include PID values that read batteries in a Prius, as well as other readings in hybrid vehicles.

VIN Decoder

This app reads VIN numbers on vehicles and reports a variety of information. This includes updated information on recalls, maintenance and safety. The app uses the phone’s camera to read VIN numbers, which must be 16 digits long. The information is all stored and the app is completely free to use as it is supported by ads. The app also permits users to cross check the vehicle with Carfax reports.

Repair Pal

This app serves as a price estimator for all types of repairs This is a good toll mechanics can use to show the fair repair price to customers. In the event that a quoted repair price seems to be high from a customer’s perspective, the Repair Pal app will indicate typical prices for that service.

Autosoft Online

This app can be used for the management of an auto repair business as it creates reports for estimates, vehicle history, inventory and invoices. One of its best features is that it is easy to use as it allows simple access to vendors, sales, customers and a host of other important components. The app is also free to use.

Your Mechanic

Mechanics ca earn extra money o the side by offering their services on this app. It is available I most locations throughout the United States and is a way for skilled mechanics to take on jobs without working for an auto repair business. There is a signup process and the potential to make decent money on your own time.