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Spring Semester

After careful consideration, AutoMechanicSchoolEdu.org has enthusiastically decided to support the future generation of talented auto mechanics by offering an annual scholarship to qualified applicants pursuing academic degrees. Our team has designed this merit-based scholarship to alleviate the financial costs associated with their online or campus-based auto mechanic degree. The $500 scholarship will be awarded each spring semester. This scholarship opportunity is only open to students presently enrolled in undergraduate, graduate or Doctorate level programs. Only one application every 12-months is permitted.

UPDATED NOTE: The May 1st scholarship deadline has now passed. We will be announcing the winner soon. The May 1st 2020 window is now open. We encourage past applicants to reapply each year.

Essay Question

What inspired your passionate pursuit to earn a degree or career in the automotive field?
(Must be 2,000-6,000 characters.)

    Scholarship Application

    By submitting, you agree to our privacy policy and disclaimer.

    Scholarship Due Dates

    Applications must be submitted by May 1st each year.  There are no application fees.  The 2019 deadline is passed.  We are now accepting application for 2020!

    Official Rules

    Auto mechanic scholarship candidates must submit the AutoMechanicSchoolEdu.org application along with an original essay. The written essay must contain 2,000-6,000 characters and be submitted by using the form above. All essays must be formatted correctly.

    Any candidates that attempt to use false information or plagiarized essay content will be swiftly disqualified. All essays must prove entirely authentic and must be the sole work of the candidate.

    Evaluation for the written essay portion is based on your ability to directly and concisely respond to the provided question. For best results, offer meaningful insights based upon facts to support your response.

    Selection Criteria

    All applications will be carefully reviewed by our scholarship staff. Candidates are vetted according to academic record, extracurricular activities, employment history and personal essay. Here is the basic outline for choosing scholarships winners:

    • Completed Registration
    • Essay Submission
    • Work History and Activities
    • GPA (min 3.2 on a 4.0 scale)

    Announcing the Winner

    Award winners of the AutoMechanicSchoolEdu.org scholarship will be notified by our staff within 30 days of the application deadline date. Winners will receive notification through email or phone call (if phone number is provided). Once chosen, the winner must present their most recent university or college transcripts for GPA verification. If the winner fails to present these transcripts or presents transcripts that reveal the falsification of GPA scores, our AutoMechanicSchoolEdu.org staff reserves the right to revoke the scholarship award. In such cases, the scholarship will be reissued to another deserving candidate.

    The $500 scholarship award will be paid through a one-time payment check directly to the school where the candidate is enrolled in an auto mechanic education program. The award will the paid within the 3-month time period following winner notification.

    *In the event a candidate has already paid for their education, the award is sent via check directly to their permanent mailing address.

    Scholarship winners will be featured on the AutoMechanicSchoolEdu.org website.


    • When is the scholarship offered?

      The scholarship is offered on an annual basis. The application deadline date is May 1st of each year.

    • What do we mean by “qualified”?

      “Qualified” refers to any applicants that are currently enrolled in an accredited or campus-based auto mechanic education program.

    • Are international students eligible to apply?

      As long as the international student candidate is currently enrolled in an accredited or campus-based auto mechanic education program, they are invited to apply.

    • Can military personnel eligible to apply?

      We welcome all military service member candidates.

    • Do you need a letter of recommendation to apply?

      No. We neither require nor accept letters of recommendation.

    • What is the application fee?

      There is no application fee.

    We understand that the scholarship application process can be intimidating, especially for students that are juggling several at once. Here are some helpful tips to help ease your stress load during this time:

    • Track all packages sent through mail.
    • Save backup copies of all essays and application paperwork in an accessible file.
    • Keep school transcripts on hand and doublecheck how to successfully send them scholarship offices.
    • Create a separate file to store other important documents to may need, such as tax returns, financial aid forms, letters of recommendation, and standardized test scores.
    • Document important scholarship submission dates and deadlines.

    Privacy Policy

    Under no circumstance will any of the information submitted by scholarship applicants be shared by the staff at AutomechanicEDU.org. There will be absolutely no distribution of personal information to any third parties. All information of those who apply for the Auto Mechanic Scholarship will be kept confidential. AutomechanicEDU.org will also refrain from attempting to conduct any marketing to applicants by using the information on their scholarship application. By submitting an application, applicants provide AutomechanicEDU.org the right to contact them about the status of their scholarship. Winners will be contacted directly via e-mail or by a phone call, when a contact phone number is provided. There is no requirement for applicants to submit a phone number. Original essays that are submitted will only be read by the scholarship panel and then discarded. We do not keep any archives of scholarship essays. The annual AutomechanicEDU.org scholarship application is available online and is safely protected by a firewall. We also require no payment information from applicants. The application process is completely free. Our staff will only request transcripts from the winner and that is for verification purposes. Once the information of a winning recipient has been verified, the transcripts will be discarded.

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